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The eleven best books about horses

1. Black Beauty from Black Beauty by Anna Sewell If Black Beauty didn't destroy your childhood, you probably didn't read it. I mean, that scene where Beauty sees Ginger's dead body being lugged away on a cart? This book is mostly hardcore horse suffering. But Black Beauty is one of the most famous literary horses for good reason: he has a kind heart and an unbreakable spirit, and his depressing adventures will make you donate your next paycheck to an animal welfare group. 2. Misty from Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry Look, we all know this list could easily be 100% Marguerite Henry horses. But Misty deserves an early mention because, for many people, Misty was that first horse book that started a childhood mania. In retrospect, it's pretty shady that those kids are rounding up wild ponies and stealing their babies, but Misty was such an adorable little foal that we can let it slide. Also, shout out to her mom, Phantom, for being a badass pony who didn't espe…

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